Norway is known for its stupendous nature characterized by incredible land and seascapes and stand-out fjords. The most straightforward approach to visit in Norway, particularly in summer, is by joining an accompanied gathering. On the off chance that you like free travel, my suggestion would lease a vehicle and passing through this delightful nation.

I recommend beginning your visit in Bergen and remaining there for two evenings. On the third day drive east over the Kvamskogen mountain go to Norheimsund, a community on the west bank of the Hardangerfjord. The Hardangerfjord is the second biggest fjord in Norway. You will drive along the Hardangerfjord going north, passing communities, ranches and many organic product plantations. It is particularly lovely in the spring and late-spring when the mountains are snowcapped and the plantations are in sprout. Remain medium-term in Ulvik, the pearl of Hardanger.

Following day head north up the numerous curve turns past Skjervefossen cascade to Voss. From Voss, proceed with north, passing Tvindefossen cascade, at that point over the Vikafjell mountain (look out for goats making progress toward) the community of Vik on the Sognefjord. The Sognefjord is the biggest fjord in Norway and the second biggest on the planet. Try not to miss the excellent Hopperstad fight church in Vik! From Vik head north to Vangsnes where you get the ship to Dragsvik, at that point a short drive to Balestrand where you go through your fourth night.

On the fifth day drive north over the mountain and along the Jolster Lake to Skei, at that point keep on past. Take a short side outing from Olden to the Briksdal valley and the Briksdal icy mass, an arm of the Jostedal icy mass, the biggest ice sheet in Continental Europe. Proceed to Loen for medium-term remain.

Following day drive north to Stryn and over the Strynefjellet mountain go to the community of Hellesylt on the Geirangerfjord. This is presumably the most captured fjord on the planet. It isn’t long, however exceptionally sensational with soak precipices on either side. Take the vehicle ship from Hellesylt to Geiranger where you remain medium-term.

In Geiranger, take a little side outing north, driving up the numerous curves to Ornesvingen for an incredible view and photograph opportunity. Back in Geiranger, head east driving up the curves to the top and stop at Flydalsjuvet for another photograph opportunity. You will perceive the view from numerous publications and postcards!

Abandoning the fjord nation you, head east, scaling to Grotli, Lom and Vagamo. You are currently in the Gudbrandsdal valley, somewhere between the Jotunheimen National Park and the Rondane National Park, with shocking mountain tops on either side. The valley turns out to be increasingly lavish and green as you head south to the Olympic city of Lillehammer, an extraordinary spot to go through the night.

Following day, stop by the Maihaugen, Northern Europe’s biggest outdoors exhibition hall, a society historical center with an assortment of 200 structures dating from year 1200 up to present day days. Drive south to Oslo where you spend your last night or two.

Touring in Oslo ought to incorporate the Viking Ship Museum, the Polar Ship Museum and the Ra and Kon-Tiki exhibition hall. (You can avoid the open air Folk Museum in the event that you visited Maihaugen in Lillehammer). The Vigeland Sculpture Park is best observed with a guide. I prescribe a visit to National Galleriet, the National Museum of workmanship, engineering and structure, reasonable, and situated in the core of Oslo.